Slow Down

So there’s a speed hump on the street. Next to the speed hump, there is a sign telling you about the speed hump. 

There’s a spiritual lesson in that somewhere.

This is the way God works in my heart and in my brain. He brings to mind daily illustrations. And when I meditate on them, it helps me slow down and see life from a different perspective – a heavenly one. (Which is why I started this blog…but I digress.)

So why the sign? It’s to alert about the speed bump – which is there to slow you down. If you hit it too fast (worst thing ever), you bottom out AND your heart stops for a moment. So the sign is there to warn you to quickly slow down…in order to…stay slow. Weird.

The point is that we should be going slow in the first place. But we don’t. Ever.

This is a perfect illustration of our spiritual lives. I could list so many verses about resting and slowing. This is my new favorite from Isaiah:

For thus said the Lord God, the Holy One of Israel, “In returning and rest shall you be saved, in quietness and in trust shall be your strength.”       Isaiah 30:15

“Returning” here, is repenting. It’s like that yellow sign in the picture, which alerts you. You have to repent before you can see the value in resting. You have to quickly see your sin in order to slow down enough to hear from God. Then you move forward in rest, in salvation, in safety.

And if we continue down the road slowly, alertly, and listening for the Lord, there is less room for accidents, incidents and danger.

Don’t ever go so fast that you can’t hear from the Lord. You put yourself in danger. 



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