Something New

Last week my son ran to me with excitement. “Mom! Look, there’s a new one! It’s awesome!” He was talking about a new room fragrance spray he found in the cabinet. Random, I know; but he loves to spray them all over the house…in excess.  Read More


I stopped, I sighed deeply, and I had tears in my eyes at the poignant metaphor on the magazine rack. I couldn’t shake the incredibly sad truth of the picture before me.  JESUS, eclipsed by the world’s search for happiness. Oh how my heart breaks.  Read More

Slow Down

So there’s a speed hump on the street. Next to the speed hump, there is a sign telling you about the speed hump.  Read More


This sign sits at the corner of my street and I love it seeing it. There are two reasons why:  Read More

Welcome Here

“You are welcome here.” These were the words I didn’t realize I needed to say.  Read More

Not Clean

The Lord meets me where I am, and His pinpointed love always overwhelms me. Such was the story at 5:30am while I was studying His word last week.  Read More

Better than a Super Bowl Party

Imagine a friend sent you this heartfelt email:

“I miss you and wish I could see you soon. God has been using my recent circumstances to teach me SO MUCH about Himself. I wish we could visit in person and tell you everything He has been doing in my heart…in hopes that you would be encouraged as much as I am right now. Plus, every time I’m with you, I’m energized by your faith and your Christian walk. Think we can plan a time soon?”

Best friends are irreplaceable, aren’t they?  Read More

In That Day…

I’ve already mentioned that I’m studying/teaching Isaiah right now, so my mind is always making everyday-moment-connections with these glorious old testament passages. I was on a daily drive across the Ravenel Bridge and snapped this picture. Read More

Day and Night

Dealing with a little sinus infection this week, so I ran out for the essentials – DayQuil, NyQuil and cough drops. I knew I needed both kinds of medicine…day and night…because they are specifically formulated for daytime help and nighttime help.

This scripture came to mind:  Read More