Beauty from Weeds

There is a sparse little playground on campus, right behind our house. Calling it a “playground” is actually a bit of a stretch.  It’s really a fenced in area, with some concrete equipment that {for sure} dates back to the 80’s. Often times, it gets neglected. Its upkeep is not high on the priority level of our facilities staff. But, my kids have played in that little park since they were babies. We have spent countless hours swinging, climbing, and seesawing there.

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Sacred Ground

I’ve recently watched several friends grieving. It is no trite thing, and when you have grieved yourself, you ache when others experience it. You are taken back to your pain and you know the rush of emotions they are feeling – because you have walked on the same ground.   Read More

Something New

Last week my son ran to me with excitement. “Mom! Look, there’s a new one! It’s awesome!” He was talking about a new room fragrance spray he found in the cabinet. Random, I know; but he loves to spray them all over the house…in excess.  Read More


I stopped, I sighed deeply, and I had tears in my eyes at the poignant metaphor on the magazine rack. I couldn’t shake the incredibly sad truth of the picture before me.  JESUS, eclipsed by the world’s search for happiness. Oh how my heart breaks.  Read More

Slow Down

So there’s a speed hump on the street. Next to the speed hump, there is a sign telling you about the speed hump.  Read More


This sign sits at the corner of my street and I love it seeing it. There are two reasons why:  Read More

Welcome Here

“You are welcome here.” These were the words I didn’t realize I needed to say.  Read More

Not Clean

The Lord meets me where I am, and His pinpointed love always overwhelms me. Such was the story at 5:30am while I was studying His word last week.  Read More

Better than a Super Bowl Party

Imagine a friend sent you this heartfelt email:

“I miss you and wish I could see you soon. God has been using my recent circumstances to teach me SO MUCH about Himself. I wish we could visit in person and tell you everything He has been doing in my heart…in hopes that you would be encouraged as much as I am right now. Plus, every time I’m with you, I’m energized by your faith and your Christian walk. Think we can plan a time soon?”

Best friends are irreplaceable, aren’t they?  Read More