About Me

Life is filled with moments.

…and really, this is just a place for me to jot them down.

I believe that Christians should strive for an eternal, biblical view of life.  Daily.  A [heavenly] kingdom perspective is vital to thrive in this broken world. So, if we can see past the mundane, and look for fresh perspective daily, we can take opportunities to glorify God and enjoy Him now…while we wait on forever. So, I’ve filled this site with how I’ve looked at everyday moments with an eternal impact.

My name is English, and I LOVE studying God’s word. I LOVE that His word never grows old, never returns void, and though we can spend a lifetime studying it, we will continue to find new treasures in it.

That sweet guy pictured with me is definitely the better half of the Preston’s. His name is David, he’s been mine since 2006, and he has an amazing, humble heart for God. He’s also incredibly brilliant and accomplished.

We live in Charleston, South Carolina (ahhhh) with three kiddos who simultaneously keep us on our toes and on our knees.

I have the privilege of being in full-time vocational ministry. I am a kids ministry director at my church. I love every aspect of my “job,” though I have cleaned up more glitter, eaten more Nilla Wafers, and pulled more kids’ teeth in recent years than an average person will in a lifetime.  I adore mentoring kids and women, and helping them dig into God’s word to unearth life changing treasures.

I hope you’ll enjoy these simple moments with me.