Beauty from Weeds

There is a sparse little playground on campus, right behind our house. Calling it a “playground” is actually a bit of a stretch.  It’s really a fenced in area, with some concrete equipment that {for sure} dates back to the 80’s. Often times, it gets neglected. Its upkeep is not high on the priority level of our facilities staff. But, my kids have played in that little park since they were babies. We have spent countless hours swinging, climbing, and seesawing there.

Right outside of the fence is a deep area of weeds. Sometimes they get so high that I can’t let my kids get near, for fear of snakes or other scary critters. And you know the weeds are out of control when they get so high they start blooming.

{I snapped that picture the last time they got that high – because, actually, it was pretty. There were several different blooms in several different colors and it kind of looked like a mini field of wildflowers right outside our chain-link-fenced park.} 

But did you catch that last paragraph’s words? They got so high that they bloomed

Oh, what a beautiful illustration of God’s goodness in our lives. Are you in a season when the weeds around you are out of control? Your life is so choked with weeds that you can’t flourish….but before you know it, there is a bloom. Out of the weeds and havoc, God brings forth beauty.

And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28

God will ALWAYS bring good out of a bad situation. ==> for those who love Him.

God will ALWAYS grow and strengthen. ==> for those who love Him.

God will ALWAYS accomplish His purpose. ==> for those who love Him.

If you are in a season of weeds, and you love the Lord your God, know that the blooms are coming. Good can come out of this season. It’s a promise, from the one who loves you and called you according to His purpose.

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