Better than a Super Bowl Party

Imagine a friend sent you this heartfelt email:

“I miss you and wish I could see you soon. God has been using my recent circumstances to teach me SO MUCH about Himself. I wish we could visit in person and tell you everything He has been doing in my heart…in hopes that you would be encouraged as much as I am right now. Plus, every time I’m with you, I’m energized by your faith and your Christian walk. Think we can plan a time soon?”

Best friends are irreplaceable, aren’t they? Christian friends, in particular, are God-given gifts. There is nothing more satisfying than having beautiful, Christ-centered, edifying fellowship with other believers in the faith.  It’s not about being at church…  My husband and I were at a wedding reception years ago and we landed at a table with other rooted Christian friends. We laughed and told stories like anyone would at a party. BUT there was one difference – everything came back to glorifying Christ in our lives. Everyone seemed to give honor to Jesus with every story, never forgetting the joy He offers in all things. It was soul-filling fellowship.

Super bowl parties are awesome. Even better is when that super bowl party includes edifying conversation not just centered around worldly things. When you are with the body of Christ anywhere in the world, at any time, let the Holy Spirit within you speak to the Holy Spirit within them. Don’t miss that blessing!

As for that email note above, it’s exactly what Paul wrote to His friends in Rome.

I long to see you, that I may impart to you some spiritual gift to strengthen you – that is, that we may be mutually encouraged by each other’s faith, both yours and mine.
Romans 1:11-12

Even the apostle Paul needed deep soul-satisfying friendships. I’m reminded to appreciate those God has given me. I am wildly blessed.


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