A Perfect Number


It’s considered the perfect number. It’s stamped in the Bible – rainbows & creation, for example.

Today, it was a birthday. The seventh birthday of our firstborn son (second born child). In this new year, I consider it a perfect number because I’m at a refreshing stage in parenting, spiritual endurance, favor from God, and life in general.

I’m trying to see the good in everything. And I see good in this particular seven. I’m in a new mindset this year (more on that later), and amazed at the joy of this particular birthday celebration. It’s been so long since I’ve found pure joy in my children. A PURITY in joy.

So celebrate today with me. Celebrate seven – or whatever number is significant to you. Numbers are important and can be ebeneezers which remind us of milestones in our lives and spiritual growth.

I’m remembering seven as a milestone. And I’m thankful for my little guy whose cheeks I can kiss when I need to be reminded of this special number.


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